How to pack your bike to travel

If you want to travel anywhere with your precious steed, you need to make sure it’s packed up well enough that your trip won’t be ruined by a single scratch upon arrival!

Whether you’re going abroad or travelling by van or even car, using a bike box is a great way to have peace of mind on your journey.

The first step to preparing your bike for travel is to remove the components that make the bike too big to be practical for travelling with.

To keep your bike as compact as possible remove your pedal, seat post, saddle, wheels and rear hanger. You can either turn your stem sideways to align your handlebars with the frame or remove them from the bike completely.


Now you’ve taken some pretty important bits off your bike, make sure you don’t lose them. What could be worse than arriving at your destination to find you’ve left vital bike parts at home?!

Tape pedals together and store them in a different luggage bag if possible – this will prevent any damage to your frame from loose parts in the case. Do the same for any other smaller metal components you have removed from the frame.

Airline requirements
If you’re flying with your bike it’s also worth remembering each airline has its own requirements regarding luggage weight and size that must be adhered to.

Check your airline’s website for information to ensure your bike can be accepted onto the flight.

Other tips
Don’t forget your bike box can also fit clothes and soft spares, so make use of the space in the box to carry some additional gear that won’t damage your frame!

Make sure any tools you used to take your bike apart are packed somewhere in your luggage so that you can put the bike back together again!

The B&W Bike Guard Curv is designed to hold your frame away from the edges of the box for a safer and more secure fit.

Velcro strips hold your frame in place while four gear bags fit around the frame – perfect for cushioning the bike and offering additional packing space for all your favourite cycling gear!

Take a look at the Curv here:


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